Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jeff and Becca's Journey

My friends Jeff and Becca Neel (who happen to be absolutely incredible people) are venturing into the unknown of God's call on their lives. Jeff is a middle school pastor in Greeley that has heard from God that it's time to move on, and specifically to attempt to reach people to whom traditional methods of church and expressions of worship hold little or no appeal.

Jeff, Becca, and I began a ministry called The Life Extreme in 2000ish, and Jeff and Beccca still remain faithful to that place in Greeley today. (Incidentally, it has evolved into an unreal ministry center - an indoor skatepark and year-round snowboarding rail - see it at http://www.ridethefarm.com). 

Please do me a huge favor and check out Jeff and Becca's story at their blog - http://lovetheneels.wordpress.com/category/our-story/ 

Pass this link to any Christinas or sojourners you know that are interested in seeing the world transformed by the hard work, ingenuity, and love of amazing people!

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Jeff said...

losing my manhood yesterday is making me a little emotional today, but you touch my heart so often. thank you for this post. i love you.