Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Chaos!! ... and change

A new name for the blog, fittingly tied to the name of the new youth group I'm working with, Controlled Chaos (how great is that?!)

Change in one big area of life always gets me thinking about how I want to be different in other ways and places, too. Life moves quickly, and I'm often struck by how seasons end but the problems and tweaks I want to make always remain. At a base level, I'm talking about things like diet, exercise, Bible reading and prayer. I had a realization this morning that these things aren't going to get better unless I pursue them intentionally ... and that's the hard part.

Check this quote I found in a college textbook on leadership: "Chaos is order without predictability." I love it, for a lot of reasons. First, it describes a ministry to middle school so well, I think. It may seem insane, but in the chaos comes an order that we all kind of get. Second, it's my life summed up. I don't keep regular hours, sleep very well, or even always remember what day it is ... but my life has an order to it that works, and that ultimately I "get".

The adjoining principle is that chaos is organized through creativity. Which we can all relate to as true, can't we. When we haven't slept because a kid is sick or a problem is weighing on us; when everything seems out of place and crazy ... we get creative and figure out how to turn those negatives into something that on the high side is of beauty and on the low side, just works.

Here's to the continued pursuit of that kind of creativity.


Holly Mikulas said...

you are rad. I am so happy for you. live does move quickly, so embrace every moment of it. I am so happy that you are in a place that is satisfying, and from the sounds of it, fitting you perfectly.
missin' you zdubbs.

brooke & bobby said...

You are the best Zack.
I will be the first to buy your first book. Yes. I will.

Chris said...

Hey Zack...Happy Days. Continue your walk and be forever grateful for the journy. Thanks for all you do and for all you have done for my kids.

MacKenzie said...

I love you to death and I love reading your blog. I'm so excited to hear that things are going well in Broomfield. I've always thought of Snowbound/NOLA as controlled chaos. It's also totally true that creativity is how we create 'order' and 'sense' out of life's nonsense.

Also, I've started a new blog at

mj said...

Hey it's Missy, Becca's friend for CO :). Hey, when you get a minute could you please email me at!?!?