Monday, February 16, 2009

Arise From The Dead

I am really bad at sticking to a plan for my devotional time. I love My Utmost For His Highest and try to get back to it whenever I can. Today is the first time I picked it up in a bit, and I read the following:

"We all have many dreams and aspirations when we are young, but sooner or later we realize we have no power to accomplish them. We cannot do the things we long to do, so our tendency is to think of our dreams and aspirations as dead. But God comes and says to us, 'Arise from the dead. . .'"

It killed me. It hit me right where I needed to be struck. I am a dreamer, but also a person who tends to abandon those dreams to far corners of my mind because of fear, busyness, and other "real-life" issues. It was absolutely an inspiration this morning to read the line from Ephesians that tells us to rise fromt he dead and try to recapture our dreams and aspirations.

I recently found an old list of goals that I have let fall by the wayside as I pursue the life of busyness and burnout. It's funny because I even made a new-ish version of that list in my journal in recent months that is also sitting dormant. I am deciding this morning to grab ahold of the momentum that comes from allowing God to raise me from the depths of my own slumber that comes from letting busyness take over and joy to be stolen. 

I expect 2009 to be awesome.

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Ashley said...

you should tell me some of those dreams sometime!
(is ending your diet coke fetish one of them?) ;)