Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm not a Democrat ...

Or a Republican. I am sick of the stuffed suits that we elect (or sometimes don't even). I know it's cynical, but I feel like every politician is out to make money and be famous, maybe in that order, maybe reversed. I like some of them as thinkers and maybe even kind of good guys, and I believe that most of them mean well, but there's some sort of gap there.

I can't really get into the fact that it seems like most conservatives just want to get their cash and also make their friends money, and all of the dying people around the world are just unlucky. Even the programs aimed at aiding the developing world seem like a pat on the back to justify not paying taxes. And I can't really get into the increasing self-congratulatory manner in which liberals hate conservatives. Our troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan, and all over, so how are you guys different?

All I really know is that I hate the political season that is fast approaching. I barely made it through the last one with all of the hatred and fighting. And the TV commercials! They're kind of funny at first, like John Kerry is responsible for everything bad that has ever happened, or Bush is trying to kill your grandma by cutting off her healthcare - but then by the end it's just sad.

Christians in America need to wake up to the fact that neither party is looking to advance God's Kingdom. They just aren't. And that doesn't mean we don't vote or stay active politically, what it means is that aligning ourselves with a party line is aligning ourselves with the Father in Heaven. It's pushing agendas that we as average citizens don't even realize.

All this is boiled down to how do we love people better? Is it by making them behave certain ways because laws say so? Is that really life-changing? No way. Jesus' agenda was to love the unlovable, to reach the unreachable and to make the outcast the most revered. I don't see modern American politics or politicians effectively doing, or even trying, much of this at all.

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